Inspired by Nature with Doug Fraser – January 21, 2021

Nature Nanaimo’s next regular meeting will be held on Thursday, January 21st at 7 PM via zoom. Our presentation will be “Inspired by Nature” with Doug Fraser.We are surrounded by an amazing diversity of living things. The adaptations of organisms can be both stunning, and puzzling. In this presentation, Doug will share numerous examples of fascinating adaptations in nature while answering some puzzling questions that arise. Why does a blue whale have a tongue as large as a full-grown elephant and why do frigate birds have webbed feet if they never go in the water? Why is learning (usually) a dumb idea and how do offspring, unable to move, leave home? The presentation is intended to be both inspiring and fun. Doug Fraser is the current President of Nature Nanaimo and has a passion for sharing his love of nature with others. He is a retired high school biology teacher and has led trips to the Galapagos Islands and Central and South America to explore tropical rainforests and coral reefs. He is deeply concerned about current threats to the environment and has traveled to the Arctic with students and scientists to witness the impacts of climate change. Doug has given presentations on a very wide range of topics from Climate change and Genetic Engineering to Chaos Theory and Pseudoscience. Doug is currently offering two courses through Elder College at VIU.