Asian Giant Hornets & “The B-Team”

February 6th, 2020

Bespoke Band of Beekeepers Beat Back the Bee-eating Beasties
by Besieging their Burrowing Bunker

Conrad Bérubé wrote up a brief description of how establishment of Asian Giant Hornets in Nanaimo was averted. This was published in the Newsletter Boreus published by the Entomological Society of British Columbia. Conrad has kindly given us permission to reproduce this article on our website. 

***Please keep in mind that these brave beekeepers wore more than just the standard bee suit. They all had winter coats, and two of them had ski pants and a baseball hat underneath the bee suit.  A standard bee suit is not recommended for this type of operation!***

Link to the article:


Conrad writes:    

I wrote another (more mainstream) article for the American Bee Journal on my experience as the trigger man for the extirpation of a nest of Asian Giant Hornets discovered on Vancouver Island in September, 2019. The article just came out and a pdf of the article is available at:


A fantastic half-hour video on the same subject is available at: