NALT: Nanaimo & Area Land Trust

Nature Nugget – Winter 2017

            The Nanaimo and Area Land Trust is a local society whose purpose is to preserve, protect and enhance the quality of the human and natural environment.  The area of focus, as the name indicates, is central Vancouver Island.  Its purpose is to promote the establishment of wilderness and other natural habitat preserves for the benefit of this and future generations and also to facilitate public education about resource and land use management.

            Past fund raising campaigns have involved the acquisition of parts of Mount Benson and Linley Valley.  It also often assists other like minded organizations in their various efforts to acquire and maintain similar lands.  Various conservation covenants are also maintained, with private land owners, in the general Nanaimo area for the purpose of maintaining these parcels in perpetuity. NALT is also a member of the Nanaimo River Watershed Roundtable, a multi-stakeholder forum to share ideas, information and resources of stewardship of the values supported by the watershed.  

            NALT’s Stewardship Resource Centre is also its office and is located at 140 Wallace Street, Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 5B1 (250-714-1990).  It contains a small administrative staff and is a valuable community resource with a lending library.

            NALT also operates a native plant nursery which is normally open for sales on Wednesdays 10 am-3 pm and Saturdays 11am-3pm.  It is located and the end of Frost Road off of Spruston Road. Details are provided on the NALT website including a current list of the latest native plant inventory for sale.