Inter-relationships of Moose Population Health and Industrial Forestry with Dr. Roy Rea – March 18, 2021

Inter-relationships of Moose Population Health and Industrial Forestry:  Is anybody listening?

With Dr. Roy Rea

Moose populations in North Central British Columbia have declined 50-70% over the last 20 years, during the same period that salvage logging for pine and spruce beetle have been happening at unprecedented rates.  Moose biologists and managers, members of the public, and government officials are all calling for a rethinking of the way that moose habitats are managed.  Is anyone listening?  Is it too late?  What would moose tell us if they could talk?

Roy has worked as a Senior Laboratory Instructor in the Ecosystem Science and Management Program at the University of Northern BC since 2000 where he teaches Introductory Biology, Field Applications in Resource Management, Marine Ecology, and labs in Plant Systematics. Roy has worked with the Prince George Airport Authority on several projects aimed at reducing potential conflicts between aircraft and wildlife since 2007 and also works jointly the provincial Ministry of Transportation on projects aimed at mitigating wildlife-vehicle collisions on highways in northern British Columbia. Some of Roy’s current research focuses on gaining a better understanding of the seasonal habitat requirements of moose in northern BC.