Whales in Our Waters with Aaron Purdy – January 16, 2020

Whales in Our Waters!

Join Aaron Purdy to learn all about the whales in our waters! Aaron will discuss BC’s common cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises), the threats they face, and how Ocean Wise helps to mitigate these threats through research and conservation efforts. He will also describe how you can become a citizen scientist by acting as an observer for the BC Cetacean Sightings Network while out on your next coastal adventure. After this talk, you will have all the tools you need to jump in and do your part to protect BC’s cetaceans!

Aaron joined the Ocean Wise Marine Mammal Research team in 2019 as the Coordinator of the Southern Vancouver Island Cetacean Research Initiative (SVICRI). Through community outreach, research, and education, Aaron engages communities around Vancouver Island to increase awareness of cetaceans in our local waters, talk about the conservation issues they face, and what community members can do to help to protect these iconic creatures. Aaron spent several years performing marine mammal and other charismatic megafauna research and is a skilled and experienced marine educator.