Buttertubs Marsh Conservation Area Plan

By Michael Stebbings

Planning for the Buttertubs Marsh Conservation Area began in earnest in 2004 with the development of a Management Plan for the East Marsh. With the acquisition of the West Marsh in 2012 by Ducks Unlimited and the City there was a need to revise and update the original plan. The current plan published in 2016 consists of three general goals made up of 11 specific objectives. 

Nature Nanaimo’s Friends of Buttertubs work parties have been busy this past year dealing with Objective #1 by planting some native species in the Tunstall Forest area of the East Marsh and also with Objective #2 by removing invasive broom and Himalayan blackberry at various locations. We may be able to participate in other objectives in the future.

GOAL 1: Maintain and enhance the Natural Ecosystems

  • Objective 1: Provide wildlife habitat 
  • Objective 2: Control exotic, invasive plant and animal species 
  • Objective 3: Increase fish and wildlife habitat and native species diversity 
  • Objective 4: Conserve ecological values of the West Marsh 
  • Objective 5: Acquire peripheral lands within the natural boundaries of the marsh 

GOAL 2: Enable public recreational and educational opportunities

  • Objective 6: Provide controlled public access 
  • Objective 7: Provide wildlife and nature viewing opportunities 
  • Objective 8: Provide public interpretive and educational opportunities 

e.g. to encourage appreciation for the values and benefits of nature, and an understanding that protection of sensitive ecosystems is vital. 

GOAL 3: Ensure Cooperative Management 

  • Objective 9: Joint tenants,  DUC and the City, to manage the West Marsh by agreement in the same manner as the East Marsh 
  • Objective10: This management to include consulting with stakeholders of the East Marsh Committee re monitoring, enhancement, and control of invasives. 
  • Objective 11: The Committee will encourage key partners, such as VIU, to join the Co-Management Committee.