Anna’s Hummingbird Nest – Buttertubs Marsh, March/April 2019

A Photo Blog by Lynda Stevens

We’re thrilled that Lynda has shared this remarkable experience with us. Please enjoy her following contribution:

This spring I was fortunate to be able to observe an Anna’s hummingbird nest and to watch the growth of one of the chicks from egg to fledging. I first noticed the mother on her nest on March 10 and on March 23 she was feeding her new family. Two chicks hatched but unfortunately one of them died within the first week. The mother successfully raised the remaining chick and on April 14 it fledged. Since this was the first time that I had had the opportunity to watch the daily events at a hummingbird nest I decided to set up a photo blog. During my visits to the nest I tried to remain unobtrusive except for the few times that I wanted to photograph the very young chicks in the nest when the mother was away.

Here is the link the blog:

Mom sitting on eggs
Mom and chick – 10 days old
Feeding – chick 19 days old
Chick in nest
Chick close to fledging
Chick doing wing exercises