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  • Non-native organisms in Nanaimo

    Staffan Lindgren | October 16, 2020 Note: This is a revised, updated and expanded blog, first published on my personal website A few years ago I attended a talk by Dr. Sarah Dudas at Vancouver Island University (VIU). She was discussing the …Read More »
  • I spy with my little eye – eyes of the world

    Staffan Lindgren | August 22, 2020 . Vision is something that most of us value immensely. Humans are largely visual beings. Our eye sight is a primary sense organ by which we experience the world. Our other senses (smell, taste, …Read More »
  • Hiding in plain sight – dwarf mistletoes

    Staffan Lindgren | August 4, 2020 Parasitism is without a doubt the most successful of all life strategies. Parasites account for at least half of the earth’s biodiversity, and may have been the evolutionary springboard for higher life (Araujo et …Read More »
  • Ours to Save: Endemic Species in Canada

    June 8, 2020 Did you know that there are species on Vancouver Island that do not occur anywhere else in the world?! Fascinating report below on Canada’s endemic species. Canada has thousands of wildlife species of conservation concern. Some are …Read More »
  • Local BIRD SONG tutorials on YouTube

    Some fabulous YouTube tutorials to help learn local bird songs from Trudy!They are wonderfully informative and fun 🙂 Alison Watt and I did these Zoom meetings on spring song. These videos are in 4 parts. Obviously we aren’t movie stars …Read More »
  • Recommended Reads – Rainy Days/Covid-19 Physical Distancing Activity, Part II

    (This blog was first published on my site Cinnabar Reflections) Here is my second installment of books that I have enjoyed reading.  Nature’s Argonaut: Daniel Solander 1733-1782 by Edward Duyker. Melbourne: Miegunyah Press. 1998. 400 pages. Daniel Solander was the de facto naturalist …Read More »
  • Recommended Reads – For Rainy Days/Covid-19 Physical Distancing Activity, Part I

    Staffan Lindgren (This blog was first published on my site Cinnabar Reflections) As someone with “underlying health issues” and a compromised immune system, I feel that the Covid-19 pandemic has really thrown a spanner in the works of my spring …Read More »
  • COVID-19 Update for Club Members

    Covid-19 UPDATE: On March 18th, the Province of BC declared a state of emergency over the COVID-19 pandemic and is calling on everyone to adhere to strict social distancing and avoid any public interactions that are not essential. The situation …Read More »
  • Nature Nanaimo meeting with Nanaimo Mayor Leonard Krog

    February 26, 2020 On Friday February 21, Nature Nanaimo President Doug Fraser and Past President Staffan Lindgren met with Nanaimo Mayor Leonard Krog. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce our society to the Mayor, and to explore roles we …Read More »
  • Pollinators in Your Garden:  Not Just Bees! with Staffan Lindgren – Feb. 20, 2020

    February 20th @ 7 PM – Beban Social Centre, Room 2: Over the past decade or two, it has become clear that insect pollinator populations are declining along with other insects. Large scale agriculture focusing on monoculture crops is to …Read More »