A Newsletter for Nature Nanaimo

By Mike McCall

Nature Nanaimo’s newsletter will soon begin to appear on the society’s website. I have volunteered to act as editor, and I know that my fellow executive members will provide me with all the information that must be communicated to members regarding upcoming programs and field trips.

However, to add colour, life, and news to the journal, we also need your contributions! “Serious” articles and concerns about the future of a species or the planet, reports on field trips, and photos are needed – but I also encourage you, as members, to submit anecdotal pieces and recollections of your own experiences as naturalists.

Drawings from nature, from the artists among us, would also be much appreciated. If you wish to contribute drawings and don’t have a scanner, you can mail them to me, or I will be pleased to pick up any work that you care to offer.

This will be your newsletter, and it will only be as useful and as interesting as you make it.

So drop your TV remote, log onto your muse, and help us make our first issue the publishing sensation of the month!

To contact me:

Mike McCall
5139 Broughton Pl.
Nanaimo, BC V9T 6L4